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The Challenge

The challenge was simple. Leo Cussen wanted us to generate more enrolments for their Practical Legal Training (PLT) course than ever before, whilst ensuring their other programs saw improvements too. Previous year's enrolments for PLT never surpassed 239.

Our Solution

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The Strategy

The experts at Salt & Fuessel devised a comprehensive strategy that would guarantee results.

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Develop & Optimise

Website development and optimisations were a priority, in order to eliminate consumer pain points and create a flawless customer journey. One focus of this strategy was the redesign of Leo Cussen's online enrolment form to improve the conversion rate of the website.

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Social Media & Google Ads

Once we improve their conversion rates, we launched their social media campaigns across a variety of platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

Complemented the social media marketing with both Google Ads & SEO strategies to improve brand visibility and organic traffic.

The Results

Leo Cussen saw higher conversion rates, improved user experience and more enrolments than ever due to our efforts.

The redesign of the online enrolment form alone saw a significant increase in conversion rates.

Our expert run campaigns resulted in Leo Cussen's Practical Legal Training enrolments reaching their maximum of 300 - ultimately forcing us to stop all advertising. Mission complete.




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