Best of 2022: Here Are 5 Result-Focused Marketing Trends for the Year

Digital Marketing

05 Apr 2022

5 min read

Result-Focused Marketing Trends

Learn How to Master the 2022 Trends and Focus Your Budget on Tools That Will Convert into Real Results

Within today's saturated marketplace, new marketing tools emerge in the blink of an eye, day after day. This growing offer, which seems good in terms of choice possibilities, for this very same reason can make it difficult when it comes the time to decide. Even though it can be challenging to discern which powerful tools are ideal for getting the best out of your brand, it is always safe to choose the good old SEO.

If you are part of a marketing team, you are probably tired of hearing these three letters. Maybe you even feel insecure about always using the same methods, for fear of losing out to the competition. If this is your case, do not worry. We are here to bring your confidence back.

Successful marketing strategists know that more important than having a tool, old or new, is knowing how to master it with eyes closed. For this reason, in this article, we want to show you amazing marketing tools, the ones you already know and the ones you will get to know now. Because, in the end, we want to show you the best of what each tool has to offer, as well as what is trending out there.

Master the tools that deliver results

From digital tools such as Google Ads, SEO, geofencing, and artificial intelligence to trending behaviors that focus on diversity and inclusion, below you will find both old and new tricks that promise to boost your advertising campaigns. If you make good use of it, there is no doubt you will benefit from all 2022 has to offer!

1. SEO never gets old

When used wisely, SEO is one of the greatest marketing tools you could ask for. Search Engine Optimisation means a conjunction of techniques used to achieve a good rank on a searching results page. Most buyers throw their wanted product on a search bar and wait to be filled with different options for their needs. Therefore, by improving how your website is viewed by potential buyers, your brand will experience real results.

What SEO can do for your business is to put your ad high up on an online search page. Thus, potentially attracting those potential buyers to your website early on the search. Converting buyers and customers is easier when your brand is being seen. This not only saves buyers from doing lengthy research but makes them compare all other products to yours.

If you intend to place your ads on Google, for example, Google Ads is your perfect match. A well-done ad targeting will convert ideal customers to your business. Getting on the top spot of Google’s first search page will give you fast measurable results, which also implies optimizing your budget considering most processes follow a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) protocol.

2. Give voice and a face to your customers

When it comes to choosing among too many products, too many websites, and too many brands, there is a big question mark on people’s foreheads: which brand represents who I am the most?

Knowing exactly which individuals consume your product or service enables you to invest in facilitating their decision-making process. When you know your customers, you build a narrower relationship with them. In turn, they will not think twice before buying from you.

Different technologies could help you gather data to target your ideal customers. AI, for instance, could assist your team to understand even how a customer likes to be advertised. Making use of these technologies to offer a personalized experience shows a crucial investment in a good relationship with your clients.

3. Local is the new global

Hyperlocal marketing is opening a new world of possibilities for companies. Geofencing establishes a virtual limit around a real-life area to track the interest ratio of a customer. This is an incredibly helpful technology that could help your brand to interact with devices and, therefore, their owners.

Geofencing has been happening for a while but using it for marketing could completely change the way customers get to know your business, on a more personal level. Targeting your local area, such as local SEO, is one of the digital solutions that became a marketing trend this year and it is aspiring to keep evolving.

4. Adopt your customers’ pet cause

Nowadays, customers, especially the millennials, are questioning the values of businesses on a more practical level. It is not the quality of your product that will make you triple your sales anymore. Now, fighting for diversity and inclusion is as influential as the high quality you produce.

It is important to be engaged on inclusive matters even inside a meeting room. The more diverse the customer population is, the more businesses have to engage in important matters.

Brands need to express this understanding and embrace the customers' plural identities. Representative advertisement is becoming crucial to young customers. However, brands must stand for what they speak for and align their actions with what they advertise. Otherwise, customers would feel forced to believe in it but not truly convinced of the business’s commitment to a diverse environment.

5. Interactive conversational marketing

In a nutshell, the best interactive marketing tip is to communicate with your customers. Many tools could help you to straighten ties with your customers. The use of interfaces, connected home devices, and physical store advertisements are a few suggestions.

Moreover, any advertisement can be conversational but online chats are a whole other level of getting accurate feedback and specific insights from direct customers. But never: forget: they must feel like every part of the communication channel was developed with their needs in mind.

This attracts more loyal customers and makes your relationship intimate and long-lasting. One-to-one conversation, for example, builds trust and delivers the best customer experience. You could make use of social media, chat applications, and even your own website to be interactive and conversational with your public.

However you make use of those tips, know that being authentic to your purpose and the values of your company is what has always worked and continues to work. Show your audience that, more than anyone, you believe in what you are selling. The year 2022 is the year of relationships and innovation. And technology is available out there so that you can show your customers that you care.

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