TikTok or Instagram Reels: A Guide to Choose the Best Platform for Your Business

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07 Apr 2022

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What’s Best For Your Business TikTok or Instagram Reel

Having Difficulty Determining Which of the Two World’s Largest Social Media Platforms to Invest In? Come Check Out Our Tips!

Nowadays, owning a company comes with one more responsibility: knowing what your business does and how to convey it to customers. The more social media gets ingrained in our everyday lives, the more businesses are compelled to enter that ecosystem.

With an infinite number of options within the field of social media marketing, two platforms are increasingly allowing companies to show themselves and even sell products online through short-form video content: Instagram and TikTok. Companies are exponentially investing in learning how to use to their advantage the tools that those platforms offer.

Moreover, when done properly, social media advertising can be highly advantageous to any type of business. Picking between Instagram’s meticulously constructed feed and TikTok’s effortlessly natural “for you” page can determine your target public, customer convert rate, and community structure.

Learn Which Points to Consider Before Deciding on One or the Other

Targeting Your Audience

A common misperception is that Instagram and TikTok have the same audience. Undoubtedly, Instagram is geared for millennials, which explains its impeccable aesthetic. On the other spectrum, TikTok has a more crafted feel, owing to its sizable Gen-Z following, which appreciates a more uncomplicated look.

Therefore, while selecting the appropriate platform, consider how you want your business to be seen. Is your product laid-back in nature? Or are you looking for a more polished image? Those are some questions that could help you understand which social media tool would be better for your advertisement.

Working with Influencers

Instagram pioneered the notion of an online influencer. When developing a social media marketing plan or campaign with an influencer, you may discover that Instagram is a more receptive platform for that sort of content. While TikTok may reach a larger audience, influencers on Instagram have a more constant and trustworthy following audience that may result in loyal customers.

Even though Instagram Reels is a new feature on the platform, it is utilised to supplement the other alternatives available to users for branding their feed and profile. Because Instagram has been around longer than TikTok, its ecosystem feels more stable. Its users are more inclined to trust its influencers, many of whom are also Instagram users who began as consumers of the platform's content in the first place.

Attracting New Customers

TikTok’s algorithm is remarkable in terms of visibility. It essentially enables any material, at any moment, to reach people worldwide depending on their interests. The main feed, dubbed "For You Page," is independent of who the user follows but does consider their viewing patterns. This is a game-changing social media marketing tool for companies looking to expand and increase their consumer base.

Advertising on TikTok may bring your product and business to the eyes of customers who would not have known it otherwise. Additionally, due to the "casual" tone of the platform's content, it may help your product appear more approachable and accessible.

Branding and Engaging on Internet Trends

While Instagram is more receptive to your own branding and visual sense, TikTok’s content operates almost independently. On Instagram, for instance, you could customise your reels to appear precisely like your business, and the system will prioritise users that match your branding and graphics. However, with TikTok, users consume content mainly.

This implies that your business must participate in specific trends that are appropriate for that platform, for example. Preferably, content that matches the platform's comedic and musical aesthetic rather than your own. This is not necessarily a negative thing, given that consumers are increasingly interested in interacting with a brand or company and its values as if it were a character, rather than a corporation.

Do You Have to Pick?

When it comes to social media marketing, we can certainly consider businesses to be multidimensional. You do not necessarily have to choose between one or the other. Certain companies and artists do use both channels to promote their work. A clever approach to achieve this is to create not only content that speaks to each platform and audience, but also material that can communicate between each other.

A trend on TikTok, including the uniqueness of your brand, followed by an Instagram reel using the same scenario or colours, for example, could be a way to make those two contents communicate even though they are made for different platforms. This may reinforce the effectiveness of your branding even further by demonstrating your business's ability to present itself in a variety of circumstances.

Analogically, however, your choice to market your company on social media will reflect on how consumers behave with your product. There are several ways to utilise these two enormous tools, as well as numerous methods to combine them. Examining your brand, your product, and the way you want it to be perceived will also assist you in determining the right platforms and tools.

From acquiring high-converting customers to building your brand, social media can be an essential resource. Let us utilize those resources and technologies to improve the way we advertise and market your products on social media.

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