What is user experience, and how does it impact revenue?

Web Development

29 Mar 2021

2 min read


Never underestimate the importance of the user experience! In many ways it is the key to understanding how your customers behave, in order to craft digital solutions that actually respond to their wants and needs.

Design intuitive and easy to use e-commerce experiences and you’re almost guaranteed to see a spike in growth. It’s as simple as that! Nearly every company that invests in user experience has seen a large return on their investment, sometimes by two or three times.

User experience (UX) is a process, as any good UX designer will tell you. It starts with understanding your market and customer base by doing user research, preliminary interviews, and testing. From there it’s possible to effectively identify pain points of an existing process or find opportunities to productively introduce new processes and services. UX design can help streamline your sitemap and navigation, make elements of interfaces more recognisable or easy to find on a page, and will boost trust in your commerce site. And if customers trust a site, it’s likely that they’ll come back time and again… giving your bottom line a handy boost!

You can incorporate UX design into any process that’s on your site right now. A mere change of wording from ‘register’ (too much commitment!) to ‘continue’ can put customers at ease.

Testing your new designs with real users and iterating on those designs are another important aspect of user experience. User testing can help you determine where exactly the bottlenecks are and where conversion rates are low. This type of data ensures that valuable company money and limited company time are not being wasted when designing a new interface.

UX designers need to learn to listen to their customers rather than just assuming what they might want. Keeping an ear on the ground can save your users time and headaches as well as make you more money!

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