User Research & Testing


Salt & Fuessel’s research-led approach results in superior user experiences. We’re chuffed that no company does more user testing than us.

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Why should you be user testing? We can answer that.

Why should you be user testing? We can answer that.

  1. Understand the roadblocks that hold up your users
  2. Apply due diligence before you release
  3. Gain insight on how to improve conversion rates
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Target market

Testing with your target market is the only way to know how your website will perform. We have a database of over 4000 Australian testers at the ready.


Efficient troubleshooting

Google Analytics data can swamp you. You can know there’s a problem, but you may not know why. User testing gives you the answers.


Due diligence

It’s common for new websites to flop. User testing prevents a poor new release. After a few rounds of testing, your website will be bulletproof.


Actionable reports

Forget pages of fluff. Our reports are to the point, highlight the most pertinent user observations, and give you real solutions to overcome the issues.

Brands we’ve boosted

There’s no shortage of leading brands who’ve sought our services to turbo-charge their websites, ranging across industries from government, banking, insurance, energy, and beyond.

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Swann Insurance

User Testing

Swann Insurance is one of Australia’s leading providers of motorcycle insurance.



SEO / User Testing

Suzuki has become one of Australia's leading car brands - gaining a strong online presence with our help. Through thorough research and effective, tailored solutions, Suzuki has seen impressive growth in both organic and paid search traffic.

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Our process

Our proven user testing process gets amazing results, every test. We 100% guarantee our testing, meaning if it’s not of value, we won’t charge.

Initial brief

We draw out and collect all the pertinent information we need to deliver a successful test. Demographics, test objectives, environments, number of testers, and much more.


We recruit users that fit perfectly into your target market via our 4000 strong database. If our users don’t perfectly match, you can either use our best fit or we can help you recruit additional testers.

Test plan

We create a test plan that marries up with your test objectives, and ensures you uncover the information you need. We also monitor when testers get side-tracked, and pinpoint associated issues.

Internal test plan testing

Before any testing, we complete thorough internal independent testing. This helps ensure users aren’t getting lost in redundant areas of your website and that the test plan ties back seamlessly to the test objectives.


We typically test remotely as we’ve found this gets better results. Users are more likely to be relaxed offsite, and more likely comfortable giving critical feedback. We also offer moderated and in-person testing as required.

Video analysis

Once tests are completed, our analysts assess the screen recordings to uncover trends and recurring issues. Testing issues are clearly categorised and indexed in a data matrix.

Comprehensive report

Based on our review we assemble a comprehensive report, designed to be actionable. This includes a clear summary of all issues found and recommendations on how these could be fixed.

Highlights video

You won’t want to watch hours of user testing videos, so we compile a 5-10 minute highlights video to capture key findings and take-home points. This can be especially useful for you to show to stakeholders in the pursuit of buy-in.

Common client questions

User testing

User testing, or 'usability testing', is a form of research that involves observing real people carrying out key tasks on an interface, and using those observations to inform design decisions.

It depends on what your objectives are for the research.
If you’re looking to identify usability issues in a design, you can use a smaller sample size of 8-15 users to detect the majority of issues present.
If you want to set a usability benchmark by recording metrics such as 'task completion rate' or 'time to completion', you’ll need a much larger sample size to achieve an accurate result.

We have over 4000 users in our testing database. For B2C customers it’s highly likely we’ll match your demographics perfectly. For niche demographics, we can recruit specific users at an additional cost.

We have a range of special needs testers in our testing database, so if you require special needs such as vision impaired, low tech literacy or low literacy, please let us know. In some cases we may need to do additional recruitment and conduct tests via moderated testing sessions rather than remote testing.

The cost will depend on the number of users and the report type you choose. Our DIY testing through our portal starts at $120 per user and scales down based on volume. If you send us an enquiry, we can talk you through the different reporting options and respective pricing.

For our DIY option, once you submit your test plan, you’ll receive results within 24 to 48 hours.
For our full service options the process start to finish may take from 6-10 business days depending on the package. This can be expedited depending on your requirements