Website Design Trends of 2021

User Experience

17 Dec 2021

4 min read

The strength of a website often depends on how user friendly it is and whether it offers a seamless user experience. But solely focusing on the user experience (UX) without taking into account the user interface (UI) is like ordering a pizza with no toppings - the experience is there, but the flavour is what makes it unique. Both are codependent on each other, and having a cutting edge website design that is on-trend will help you win the trust of your customers and establish a reputable brand. What is most important is to ensure the design aligns with your brand personality, as first website impressions often do count!

Let’s take a look at the top website design trends of 2021 that you can use to innovate your website:

  1. Illustrations

    Photos are great for adding real life instances of your product or service. But illustrations are really making a name of themselves in today’s web design world. They add uniqueness and character to your website, and when used properly, they can actually make your brand look established and one-of-a-kind in the industry.

    Website Design Trends 2021

  2. Animations and micro-motions

    Small animations and movement can be added onto your website to indicate a response to an action on a page, and it creates a sense of closeness and interaction between the user and brand. They can be added onto elements such as buttons, graphics and images, and help to inject energy and excitement into your website.

    Animations and micro-motions

  3. Scrolling Transformations

    If you want to step it up a level in making your website look ultra modern, look at using transformative scrolling effects. Simply put, a page or section on the site will morph into unique motions, patterns or animations as the user scrolls. It makes users feel more involved with this high level of interactivity and breaks away from the traditional plain jane scrolling.

    Scrolling Transformations

  4. Personalisation from door one.

    Many websites - especially e-commerce sites - are taking to using short quizzes or questionnaires as soon as the user visits their page. This enhances the user experience by bringing more relevant content through personalised avenues, which can save the user a heap of time and effort in finding what they are looking for.

    Personalisation from door one

  5. 3D Graphics

    A popular trend taking the web design arena by storm is the use of 3D graphics with colourful gradients. It may be as simple as adding more depth, shadow and colour into an icon, and can make your site look vibrant without appearing too playful or kiddy. It also gives you more room to experiment with motions and life-like imagery.

    3D Graphics 1
    3D Graphics 2

  6. Large typography

    Not only is large typography attention grabbing and effective, but it can make your brand look confident and amplify your message or unique value proposition. It helps to add tone and personality to your website.

    Large typography 1
    Large typography 2

  7. Minimalism

    Less is more in web design, and minimalism is here to stay! It can make your brand look professional and simplifies the user journey as your customers will be less distracted from busy content and more inclined to go straight to those call to action buttons. If you opt for a minimalist design, make sure you choose the right imagery and fonts and be sure to strike the right balance and synergy between elements.


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