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29 Mar 2021

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We’ve made it to the final week of our Google My Business series and what a journey it has been! Thanks for joining us and we hope you’ve learnt heaps along the way.

Some would call it saving the best until last - in our final instalment we’re going to dive head first into a quite fascinating and techy topic: data and insights into how customers find and interact with your listing.

How customers find your listing:

As you may have guessed from the title, this will give you an invaluable insight with a breakdown of how customers find your listing. On top of this it also shows how many customers found you in total, and the chart on the dashboard displays the percentage that found you from each of the following three methods:


Search Queries:

Another incredibly useful tool, Search queries tells you exactly what queries were used to find your business on Google. Using this you can easily track not only common terms but also search trends for your business. You should take advantage of this data in your posts by specifically targeting the most valuable (aka high volume) keywords.

Where customers find you on Google:


Following on from Search queries, this section will show you exactly how many customers came across your business via Google search and Google Maps. The data will highlight the following for you:

  1. Views on Maps (Maps views)
    Customers who found your business on google maps
  2. Views on Search (Search views)
    These folks found your business via Google search (the traditional way)
  3. Total views
    Once again, the total combined views of both Google search and Maps.

Customers actions:

Yet more insight into overall customer behaviour, this time honing in on what they do when they’ve come across your listing. The graph in this section is illuminating and a rich source of insight: it will show you how many and precisely what actions your customers took:

  1. Visit your website (Website actions)
    This is when a customer follows the link to your website
  2. Request directions (Directions action)
    When they requests directions to your business through Maps
  3. Call you (Phone call actions)
    Needless to say, when a customer gives you a ring
  4. Total actions
    As above, the total customer actions completed for 1 to 3

Direction requests:


With crucial information about where the customers are when they request directions to you, the map in this section shows your location and all the popular places people are when they ask Google maps for directions to you. If you want to delve a little deeper - which we recommend to all our clients - you can split this data up by city or neighborhood as well.

Phone calls:

No prizes for guessing here - this section has a breakdown of phone calls! Here you can analyse useful data on when and how customers contact you through the listing. Try adjusting timelines to understand what day of the week and what time of day customers are calling you the most.

While this may be predictable, a surprise or two might instead be revealed, leading you to think about when and where your team is best deployed.


As well as tell you the total number of photos associated with your listing - photo quantity - this section also gives your their viewing stats - photo views - in comparison with similar businesses.


A couple of tips on the photos:

  • You can adjust the time-frame to see data from the last week, month or quarter - if views are dropping it might be time to add a few exciting new snaps.
  • And if there are enough similar businesses in your area, you’ll be able to see lines on the graphs that compare your photo data to those others.

So, now you’re fully optimised! But just one last time: we can’t stress enough the importance of constantly updating your listing. The key to ranking high and keeping your listing optimised is updating, updating and - yes, guess what - more updating! Check your reviews. Respond to them. Upload new pics. Update your details. Do all of these as often as you can and you’ll be reap your rewards in the rankings!


You may be thinking something along the lines of, “well, that’s super, but also super-confusing and time-consuming!”. If you are, we get it.

In fact, we make our living making your life easier by taking over the data and graphs. We can take over the SEO too and even write you a whole new and totally on point digital marketing strategy.

Optimising your GMB is just the first step. And there are a multitude of many other ways you could be losing customers by not having a fully optimised site. Salt and Fuessel offers a variety of world-class SEO packages to suit all business, no matter your industry or size, strategy or goals.

No matter whether you’re an international behemoth, a midsize or a tiny startup, ranking high on Google is the key to gaining more customers and moving towards those elite conversion rates.

Call Salt and Fuessel today to take your business to the next level.


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