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The Challenge

Tea Tonic is a proudly Australian-made and owned tea shop offering fun and flavoured premium-packed teas created from organic ingredients. The core challenge was to boost organic search visibility as the brand struggled with low search engine rankings, hampering its reach and visibility to potential customers.

Our Solution

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The Strategy

Addressing Tea Tonic's ranking challenge, we centred our strategy on "organic tea." We optimised the homepage for this core term and extended our efforts to category pages, including loose-leaf teas, tea bags, organic green/black tea, etc.



Our approach combined targeted on-page optimisation, adding relevant and quality content on the site, internal linking optimisation, resolving technical SEO issues and authoritative link building. With continuous monitoring and on-page optimisations, Salt & Fuessel was able to drive significant traffic growth for Tea Tonic.

The Results

Our continuous monitoring and optimisations resulted in significant growth in non-branded organic traffic, broadening Tea Tonic's customer base. We achieved top rankings on Google SERPs, with 'organic tea ', 'loose teas', and 'organic green tea' in the top 5 and 'teabags', 'set of teas' securing the #1 spot.


Non-branded Organic traffic


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