The Ultimate in Franchise Digital Software

One comprehensive and super-easy system: you can tightly control global and local budgets both across the wider franchise group and individual franchises.

All your SEM, SEO, Social Media and website updates streamlined in one place at the tip of your finger. One portal where both management and franchisees will have crystal clear visibility and complete control of digital assets. Stay up to speed with marketing expenditure and performance 24/7 in just a few clicks.

Comprehensive Budget Control

Smoothly and simply manage and control digital marketing expenditure from one central location. Track, coordinate and refine budget and spend across your optimum digital channels.

Ride the system’s powerful flexibility to make key changes at specific location levels. Cut out waste and eliminate inefficiency. This way your marketing dollar will hit the exact spot it needs to – down to the cent.  

Fully Transparent Reporting

Effortlessly keep your finger on the pulse of your marketing channels ROI

Get the ROI lowdown on your marketing channels from one super-straightforward location and in record time. Fully exploit the system’s capability and drill down into each specific location with ease. Use the instant results to fine tune your marketing plan with immediate effect.

Cutting Edge Marketing Channels

Expand your national or international reach and maximise your audience: instant access to the absolute latest marketing channels

Round the clock access to the generation X, Y and Z marketing channels with Google Adwords (Search, Display & Remarketing), SEO, Facebook and targeted email marketing. Zoom in on a tight customer profile or capture a local audience with a geo-targeted campaign localised to each store.  

Seamless Website Updates

Total accessibility and convenience: the portal allows both franchisor and head office to request global web changes, and for franchisees or store managers to request changes to store landing pages in minutes.

Seamlessly review and accept changes which go live immediately on approval. An innovative yet simple way to motivate franchisees or store managers to be a part of the marketing process and important updates.


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